Yui Onodera

Yui Onodera is a Tokyo-based composer, sounds artist whose works explore the relation between musical forms, architectural acoustics and spatial awareness. He studied music and architecture design, after working as an architectural acoustics designer, his familiarity with both the architectural acoustics and sonic arts resulted in numerous commissions to create sounds and music for specific, tangible locations. He identify those work as “environmental music”, the Japanese translation of “ambient” but one that framed it in a new context. One of them, was borne from the corporate benefice of the Japanese airline corporation, designed to be played in their airplane. As a sounds artist, he has a distinctive figure in the fields of experimental electronic music, modern ambient and multimedia art, working across the spheres of composition, installation work and music production for over 10 years. Exploring notions of perception, memory and sonic afect across a wide array of creative forms, he uses a broad palette of musical instruments, field recordings and electronics to craft provocative listening experiences that are reminiscent of the heavier sides. His work has been internationally recognised and he has released numerous works on esteemed experimental labels like KOMPAKT, Serein, Baskaru and more. He is also member of the artist collective "nor" whose ethos is centered around the production of multidimensional work through sound, visual and Installation art. In recent years, his works are shown at international festivals and museums including Media Ambition Tokyo and NTT inter communication center [ICC]. In 2017, alongside his musical profession he works as a sound art lecturer at Rikkyo University and Musashino Art University. 

Booking & Management :  persona

Spikes Asia 2018 | Radio & Audio : Silver Spike
AD STARS 2018 | Data Insights : Crystal
ALIFE 2018 | ALife Art Award : Honorable Mention prize
Cape Town International Film Festival 2017 | Best documentary film
Art Hack Day 2016 | Top prize
Employment History
Lecturer, Rikkyo University, Department of Body Expression and Cinematic Arts (2017)
Lecturer, Musashino Art University, Department of Imaging Arts & Sciences (2017)
Press / Publications
JDN, Japan (Oct 2018)
AXIS Magazine, Japan (Oct 2018)
BRAIN, Japan (May 2018)
Sound & Recording Magazine, Japan (Feb 2018) 
The Quietus, UK (Jan 2017)
Sound & Recording Magazine, Japan (Jan 2017) 
Tanzgemeinschaft, Belgium (Nov 2016) 
Chain D.L.K, USA (May 2016) 
CINRA, Japan (Apr 2015) 
Stray Landings, UK (Dec 2014) 
CYCLIC DEFROST, Australia (Aug 2013) 
TOKAFI, Germany (Nov 2010) 
Iwate NEWSPAPER, Japan (2010)
TV /Radio
TV asahi Onegai! Ranking, Japan (Dec 2016)
dublab.jp Radio Collective, Japan (Dec 2016)
dublab.jp Radio Collective, Japan (Mar 2016)